To be successful on appeal, a client needs an attorney who understands the complex nature of appellate law, has appeared before appellate judges in the past and can map out innovative and reasonable legal solutions well after a trial is over. That’s what the appellate law team at Hunter Lynch Law offers to our clients. Our appellate lawyers give their attention to the law as subject matter and the judge as part of the audience. We bring a different approach and a depth of training and experience.

We have an exceptional reputation in the legal community and a wealth of resources to help you obtain favorable results post-trial in both state and federal courts.

Our team understands the substantive and procedural law involved in appellate practice and has argued numerous cases in appellate courts. We write briefs, present oral arguments in appeals and support trial lawyers by monitoring their cases with a focus on appellate issues.

We represent private parties and governmental agencies, appellants and appellees, and provide representation on appeal both in cases the firm handled in the lower courts and those brought to us only when an appeal is being considered or has already been initiated.

Hunter Lynch Law consistently provides sophisticated, high-level appellate advocacy with a client-centered approach. Whether you need to correct an error or preserve a victory below, Hunter Lynch Law has the different sets of skills and experience necessary to persuade the appellate courts of the justice in your cause. They help alleviate the burden of handling appellate matters and help tip the balance in your favor.

Hunter Lynch Law has extensive background representing clients in a wide variety of appellate matters, such as appeals related to personal injury claims and commercial disputes. Our firm is also experienced in filing and defending petitions in original proceedings, and is also available to draft Amicus Briefs to assist federal and state appellate courts on important issues of substantive or procedural law.