Lawyers, engineers, accountants, and architects are among “professionals” whom people trust to perform specialized services for some of the most important matters in their lives. The law says professionals must meet minimum standards of care in the rendering of their professional services. Sometimes, a contract leads to litigation. Sometimes, a general contractor fails to properly implement the designed specifications provided by an engineer or architect. Sometimes, an engineer fails to approve a design in accordance with ordinances. All of these situations can invariably lead to litigation. We are here to help.

When professionals are at risk in litigation, Hunter Lynch Law has an experienced, attorneys who understand the unique challenges and issues presented by such claims.

The Professional Liability Defense Practice Group includes lawyers practicing across the country with extensive experience in the defense of professionals, including attorneys, health care providers, architects, engineers, dentists, accountants, directors and officers, real estate brokers and agents, insurance brokers and financial planners. Hunter Lynch Law represents professionals under insurers’ errors and omissions policies and directly when the professional is self-insured.

With experience in all aspects of professional liability defense, attorneys in the group are well qualified to handle sensitive issues of confidentiality, the impact of the case on the professional’s ongoing practice, and the need to work closely with the client in developing a litigation strategy and negotiating settlement. Hunter Lynch Law attorneys appreciate that professional liability suits threaten financial loss – but also realize that the greater threat can be damage to a client’s hard-earned reputation. A result-oriented, cost-effective approach to the defense of malpractice claims is emphasized.

At the outset of the representation, the assigned attorney works with the client to develop a strategy and a budget for the case. The Hunter Lynch Law attorney then works aggressively and closely with the client for a successful disposition. We also counsel clients on how to avoid risks and litigation.

Our team of professional liability attorneys has many years of experience handling cases involving professional liability across the widest range of engineers, architects, accountants, lawyers, and other professionals. Cases involving allegations of malpractice often require the review and approval of another professional in the same field before a lawsuit can proceed. We understand the specific statutes, cases, and guidelines that govern professional conduct and utilize a vast array of proven and respected experts to identify issues where they exist and properly frame the issues for a judge, jury or professional board to understand.