Maritime Law

Admiralty and Maritime law is a highly specialized legal practice which encompasses many diverse aspects of marine commerce, employment, recreation, transportation and personal injury and wrongful death actions occurring on navigable waters and the high seas. This field of law has its own set of complex jurisdictional and procedural rules, all of which require particular knowledge and expertise.

Our reputation is founded upon the aggressive legal representation of those injured in maritime accidents, including blue-water seamen, tug and barge crew, ferry passengers and workers, commercial fishermen and those engaged in other maritime activities, such as longshoring, harbor work and marine construction.

Our clients have also included many individuals who have sustained serious injuries on cruise ships, pleasure craft and other recreational vessels. We have substantial experience litigating the unique attributes of maritime law, including Limitation of Shipowners’ Liability, Jones Act, Maintenance and Cure and claims based upon the warranty of seaworthiness.

Our maritime practice focuses on the litigation of marine disputes and covers a broad variety of subjects including:

Maritime Death Actions
Personal Injuries of Seamen and other Maritime Workers
Maritime Lawyer Jacksonville FLMaritime Products Liability
Unseaworthiness Claims
Maintenance and Cure
Collision & Property Damage
Cargo Claims & Towers’ Liabilities
Recreational Boating and Watercraft Accidents
Commercial and Recreational Diving Accidents
Cruise Ship Passenger Claims
Marine Insurance
Maritime Employment Disputes
Maritime Liens, Ship Mortgages and Vessel Arrests
Stevedore and Wharf/Dock Liability
Charter Disputes
Marine Salvage Rights
Limitation of Liability
Disputes Arising from the Carriage of Goods

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